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Hiking Adventures

Muir Woods - Land of Giants

Muir Woods Giants

A wondrous adventure into the famed Muir Woods - These giant Redwoods grow only on the West coast of America and no other place on earth! Awe-inspiring and mesmerizing, these majestic Redwoods mingle with California Bay, lively Oak and California Nutmeg to keep you cool along this beautiful scenic hike. With more than 250 ascending steps this hike is not for the faint of heart; and, you might feel as if you've climbed a 300-foot towering Redwood tree yourself! Difficult yes, but worth the beauty and the opportunity to spend a few hours

among these ancient, magnificent and cathedral-like Redwoods!! This hike opens with a steep decent following creeks into Redwood Canyon and Muir Woods and joins Ocean View trail offering some views of the ocean along the way. Join us for this exhilarating adventure among the oldest and most majestic Redwoods in the Bay Area. Experience some of the most awesome sights you will ever see and that will remain in your memory for as long as you live!

Muir Woods Majesty

Approx. 4.5-miles, 4 hrs (level: difficult) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

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Fall in Love with Alamere

Alamere Falls, CA

Alamere Falls is one of our all-time favorite out and back hikes! Featuring a stunning cliff-side trail along the California Coast, two freshwater lakes, a swimmer friendly rope-swing, and a series of beautiful

waterfalls that

cascade down a

hillside gorge and then launch off a 40-foot cliff into the Pacific Ocean! This “hidden secret” ranks as one of Marin’s best hikes yet, due to its location, near the tourist-resistant hamlet of Bolinas, it remains a mostly locals-only destination. Join San Francisco Kayak & Adventures in discovering this treasure that you will remember for years to come and


want to share with friends and family! (offered October thru May)

 Alamere Falls, Bolinas

Approx. 8.5-miles, 4.5 hrs (level: moderate to difficult) $50/person 

(Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Tennessee Valley-Coastal Trail & Fox Tail

Coastal Trail at Sunset

Escape the bustling metropolis of San Francisco - just 20 minutes away you'll be hiking in the spectacular Tennessee Valley! Experience a multitude of wild-life including mighty raptors to common swallows, deer, coyote, cottontails, jack rabbits, quail, and on occasion you might even see a bobcat!

In the spring & summer time the vegetation of the valley is lush, green and blooming with an awe-inspiring array of wild-flowers - you'll find lupine, checker-bloom, blue-eyed grass, California buttercup, and California poppy. In the summer, the grasses turn golden and you can find fennel, lizard tail, sagebrush, sticky monkey flowers, and blackberry bushes.

Along this hike you'll be inspired by the spectacular drama of the rugged cliffs where you'll feel like you can fly even while firmly on the ground! The amazing ocean views along this hike will change your perspective on life - if only for a few hours.

Approx. 7-miles, 4.5 hrs (level: moderate to difficult) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Mt Tamalpais Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls -

Mt. Tamalpais

The best rainy-day or sunny-day hike in the Bay Area! Cataract Falls consists of nine separate cascading waterfalls along Cataract Creek. Dropping from 25 ft. to 70 ft. they are sure to inspire you to continue along this more difficult hike that is worth every ounce of sweat! This hike has an elevation gain of 1,100 feet!! Climbing through a forest of ferns, Oaks and Redwoods you are never far from the next waterfall as you climb up and past the rushing creek.

At every turn the spectacular falls are your view lifting your spirits upwards and propelling you further along this breath-taking hike! Join us for the non-stop excitement and inspiration of Cataract Falls!

offered October thru May

Cataract Falls Beauty

Approx. 3-miles, 4 hrs (level: difficult) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

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China Camp - Ghost Town Adventure

China Camp Full Moon Day Hike

Be transported back to the late 1800’s and explore a once-thriving Chinese shrimping village while following the San Pablo Bay Shoreline Trail to China Camp Village.

This mellow trail meanders under a canopy of Oaks and through fields of grasslands above the colorful and picturesque patchwork of marshlands that border the China Camp State Park. Once at the China Camp, explore the historical buildings and interpretive exhibits that tell a cautionary story of over population, over fishing, discrimination and the demise that left this once thriving fishing village a ghost town. Join us on this historic and eye-opening adventure that is bound to leave a lasting impression!

China Camp Ghost Town Adventure

Approx. 4.5-miles, 3 hrs (level: moderate) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Land's End...of the World

Lands End Labyrinth at Sunset

Called Land’s End because it is literally located at the end of all land to the west – its cliffs create our famed Golden Gate and provide several exquisite viewing points of the vast Pacific Ocean. Yet, this hike offers more than just an opportunity to behold some of the tremendous vistas unique to San 

Francisco. On a clear day, you'll see far into the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Marin Headlands to the north, and the Golden Gate Bridge to the east.

Watch for a Golden Gate-bound freighter, the spout of a gray whale, or lend an ear to a chorus of barking sea lions, follow the flights of pelican and cormorants, or pear intensely into the ocean waters below to spot the remains of several ghostly Golden Gate shipwrecks. It’s a marvel that this city-side trail feels natural and remote, featuring million-dollar views, crashing surf, offshore outcrops, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin Headlands. This is a must-do adventure suitable for everyone and worthy of keeping the camera out and in-hand!

Hidden Beach Cave

Approx. 3.5-miles, 3 hrs (level: easy to moderate) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Rodeo Beach Hiking

Hill 88 Sunset 

Moonlight Hike

The view from Hill 88’s summit is jaw dropping! With enormous expanses of ocean and bay; Mount Diablo to the east, Montara Mountain to the south, Mount

Tamalpais to the northwest, Tennessee Valley to the west, and a multitude of San Francisco landmarks, this hike has it All! The beauty and abundance of the many high coastal viewpoints is matched with mystical Zen-like music, as an offshore fog buoy tolls. This hike starts at Fort Cronkhite, and curves along the Coastal Trail with each step offering ever wider views. Continuing along Wolf Ridge you'll see spectacular wild-flowers and grasslands peppered with colorful shooting 

Hill 88 Sunset Hike

stars, California poppies, and fringe cups. Join us on this local favorite for an unforgettable sunset and moonlight hike in the Marin Headlands, providing what many consider to be the grandest views in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Approx. 4-miles, 3 hrs (level: moderate to difficult) $50/person (Meets 1-hour before sunset -Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

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Point Reyes National Seashore*

Point Reyes National Sea Shore

Situated along Point Reyes National Seashore, the 12-mile long Tomales Bay is one of the largest protected bays on the west coast, and is home to harbor seals, bat rays, leopard sharks, osprey, egrets, pelicans, and Tule elk. This beautiful area has more than 80 miles of breathtaking, unspoiled coastline, most of which is accessible only by foot. Join us for majestic ocean views, dramatic cliffs, beautiful headlands, sandy beaches and the dance of the ocean all combining to make these hikes unforgettable! The itinerary varies for these adventures depending on the weather, tides, and opportunity for wildlife sightings. You will be given the exact itinerary when you schedule your adventure.

(*for Adventure Members only, or can be booked for your private party of 8 or more.)

Approx. 3-6 miles, 3-5 hrs (level: moderate)

(Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Ano Nuevo-Elephant Seals Dual & Dance*

Immerse yourself in the magical and rejuvenating world of coastal California. Año Nuevo State Park is the site of the largest mainland breeding colony in the world for the northern elephant seal. During the "Breeding Season", between December and February, elephant

Elephant Seal Close-up
Anor Nuevo Elephant Seal dual

seal pups are born. During the “Molting Season” of spring and summer, elephant seals come ashore to shed their fur. Each fall, yearling seals “hang out” on the beaches during the “Fall Haul Out Season". Año Nuevo is fascinating in every season - Share in this lively wild-life

adventure as a knowledgeable guide leads you over rolling sand dunes and explains the breeding behavior and conservation of these amazing mammals; while also experiencing breath-taking coastal views!

(*for Adventure Members only, or can be booked for your private party of 8 or more.)

Approx. 3-miles, 2.5 hrs (level: easy to moderate)

(Meets at 10 a.m. - Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)

Steep Ravine - Shoots & Ladders

Steep Ravine, Mt Tamalpais

This 7 mile loop features a bit of everything, with waterfalls, redwoods, Douglas fir, and oak forests, grassland, canyons, and coastal views galore! The three trails that combine to make this hike are some of Mt. Tam's best, so combining them into one guided adventure intensifies the pleasure. Begin this hike in the town of Stinson Beach, ascend to Pantoll ranger station, descend past waterfalls and down a famous ladder, to experience awe-inspiring views of Stinson Beach, the Pacific coastline, Bolinas Lagoon, and the mountains of Point Reyes sprawled before you! You'll find Buckeye and California bay to provide shade while a creek provides soothing aquatic music. You'll see iris, forget-me-nots, milkmaids, buttercup, and vetch blooming. Join us for this amazing hiking adventure, from Stinson Beach to Pantoll - and back.

Approx. 7-miles, 4 hrs (level: moderate to difficult) $50/person (Meets at 10 a.m.- Trail head & directions provided w/confirmation)



Hike with Friends!

*Point Reyes and Ano Nuevo Hiking Adventures are for San Francisco Kayak & Adventures' current Adventure Members or can be booked for your private party of 8 or more.